Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


Club Meeting - November 2, 2017

Although the sun had not yet risen over our eastern mountains, we all arrived at our meeting this morning ready to meet and greet old friends and new guests! Division 21 Lieutenant Governor Doug Beckham and his colleague Al Demoran paid us a visit as did Steve Dobbs, a long-time resident of Allied Gardens and member of the Allied Gardens Community Council. 

President George Butterstein started us off by thanking John Crawford for filling in for him the past two weeks while he was visiting friends and relatives on the east coast. He also congratulated John on the outstanding (award- winning!) monthly newsletter he publishes each month and noted that today’s issue was no exception! Byron Newman told two very funny Jokes of the Week and Gary Blume led us in two country-western songs, one of which, Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks we belted out with gusto!

Each meeting, George asks one member to tell us a little bit about him or herself so we can get a better understanding and appreciation of our colleagues. Today, Mary Markson gave us a short rundown of her life, past and present. Mary had always hoped to become a nurse and planned to go to nursing school. However, she decided to marry her high school sweetheart instead. It was a choice she has never regretted. As a result, she dedicated herself to being a stay-at-home mother to her five children. She eventually went to work as a medical office manager, a job she planned to hold for a year of two before moving on. Well, 26 years later, she retired from a job she came to love! She and her husband now boast 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren! Obviously, Mary is the poster child for “A life well-lived!” especially since she is now thrilled to help care for her great grandchild on a regular basis!

On the first Thursday of every month, we honor a Joanne and James MacDonald Student of the Month from Hearst Elementary School.  Today’s recipient was Tabitha Reardon, a fifth-grader who was nominated by her teacher, Dorothy Ianuzzi.  Mrs. Ianuzzi and Principal Jamie Jorgensen, along with Tabitha’s mom, Kami, joined Dr. Doug Grosmark for a wonderful presentation.  When asked by Doug why she thought she was receiving this award, Tabitha speculated that it was because she was “helpful and nice.” Ms. Iannuzzi agreed with Tabitha’s assessment and went on to say that Tabitha is “a treasure, who always does the right thing,” She added that Tabitha’s pleasant demeanor and command of the subject matter makes her a natural for tutoring her peers, especially in math.  Principal Jorgensen echoed these sentiments saying Tabitha was a great role model and valuable member of the Hearst school community.  For her efforts in the classroom and beyond, Tabitha was presented with a special certificate and a gift card valid for dinner at Hoolies Restaurant.

Our Kiwanian of the Day was John Crawford. John has always enjoyed Ken Kramer’s TV show About San Diego. One of Ken’s segments involves mentioning significant happenings in San Diego and asking viewers to guess the date. So this morning John challenged us to do the same. Most of us were able to come pretty close to the actual date! Along the way, we were reminded of events such as: the first appearance of Donald Duck and the end of Bonnie & Clyde that occurred in 1934, the advent of the Hollywood sign and the first Time magazine publication in 1923 and Babe Ruth joining the Yankees and the postal service declaring that “children may not be shipped by mail” in 1920! It was a fun game to play and those of us who guessed correctly were quite proud of ourselves!

Our speaker was Shain Haug, a member of the Allied Gardens Community Council. He thanked Kiwanis for helping to make our community such a wonderful place to live. He shared with us his experience this year of serving on the Civil Grand Jury of the County of San Diego. He explained that the grand jury represents the citizens of San Diego County by investigating, evaluating, and reporting on the actions of local governments and special districts. This includes obtaining and reviewing documents and other evidence and hearing sworn testimonies of witnesses who appear before it. They then  determine whether there is probable cause to believe that one or more individuals, agencies or other governmental entities have not served the community well. They function as an independent panel and their goal is to bring about affirmative action to address the issues. It has been Shain’s experience that 90% of the time, this occurs on a voluntary basis!  A new Grand Jury is chosen each year by July 1. Members are nominated by Superior Court Judges to serve one-year terms. We applaud Shain’s dedication and commitment to our community and thank him for his service!

                                                                     Member of the Day,  Mary Markson

                         (l. to r.) Jamie Jorgensen, Dorothy Ianuzzi, Kami & Tabitha Reardon with Doug Grosmark

                                                                     Shain Haug (l.) and John Crawford