Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


Club Meeting - July 6, 2017

The big news this morning was that Chris and Gay Holbrook, the Owners/Operators of our new Grocery Outlet, have decided to join our club! We first met them at the community concert on June 2 and invited them to join us any Thursday morning. They have accepted our invitation and attended three meetings, and today announced they would like to become members! So this is a win-win for our community: we reap the benefits of a new grocery store AND two neighbors who wish to be involved in community service!  Other visitors included Marianne Lindsay, a neighbor who made a return visit, and our ever-loyal PHHS Key Club students Bill, Khang, Ryan, and Hafsah.

Plans are underway for several upcoming community service events, including the Kaiser Kids Picnic on July 22, the Passport to Life event on August 18 and the Grocery Outlet Opening Celebration for the community on August 5! We provide lunch at these events and get to meet lots of great folks! We also plan on attending the Allied Gardens First Friday Concert in the Park  tomorrow evening. We hear they have booked a great band!

Our Kiwanian of the Day was Doug Grosmark. He collected Happy Dollars so we could catch up on what’s happening in our members’ lives. We were glad to hear that Ross Mallette’s wife Patty is recovering well from an injury and Val Crawford, an English teacher at Patrick Henry High School, has been granted tenure! Doug made us laugh with his questions on…laughter! We learned that Gelotology is the study of laughter! (Who knew?) We also discovered that children laugh 3-5 times more than adults, women laugh more then men and that laughter is good for your health because it stimulates circulation!

Our guest speaker was Diane Waggoner, a specialist in Medicare options. She has 19+ years experience in insurance (11 of which she specialized in Medicare), She helps folks navigate the complex maze of Medicare options to find the best plan that works for them. She has over 2,000 happy clients who have benefitted from her wealth of knowledge. One important item she shared with us is her recommendation that we not carry our Medicare card in our wallets, since it lists our full Social Security number and date of birth! 

We were all surprised, and amazed, that Diane offers her services at no cost to her clients, since she is paid by the companies she represents.  She receives the same amount of commission regardless of which plan her clients choose, so she is not interested in selling them any one plan. She is only interested in supporting her clients so they can focus their attention on what really matters. Diane is a no-cost, no-risk solution to the overwhelming task of selecting the best plans to meet each person's needs. It was clear that Diane is more than a Medicare broker: she is an ally, an advocate and a trusted advisor. We are grateful she could share with us this morning some important info that we all need to know now or in the years to come!

                                    President Kathy Wiskur with our guest speaker Diane Waggoner