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Club Meeting - June 28, 2018  - Get your motor running, head out on the highway…

He rode in on a candy-apple red motorcycle all the way from San Antonio! Boyd Sauter, former member of our club for about 30 years and “past everything” (President, Lt. Governor, Secretary, Circle K Advisor) showed up at the morning meeting, on his way to the Kiwanis International Convention in Las Vegas, on his motorcycle. Boyd has kept close ties with members, even though he moved from San Diego a few years ago, and he always brightens any place he goes. His motorcycle journey to many places will take him about 5,000 miles before he returns to Texas. We are always happy to see our fun-loving friend.

John Crawford conducted the meeting and some of our members were missing today due to vacations and the Kiwanis International Convention in Las Vegas. Other guests this morning included Evan Zieglar visiting from the community and Khang (Dylan) Diep from Patrick Henry Key Club. Announcements included reminder of July 4th Independence Day flag display on Waring Road and club potluck at Chandlers.

Dr. Doug Grosmark performed the Kiwanian of the Day duties today. Inspired by his dental vocation, Doug had a fun quiz about teeth, asking questions that stumped many and collected some laughs and cash for the administrative fund. For example, Guess at the number of bacteria that live in a mouth. (8 billion).  Who knew that tooth decay is the 2nd most common disease, while the first is the common cold.

Doug then introduced Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, our guest speaker and local dentist, who has found a unique way to help others. While visiting Nicaragua, he helps provide needed dental services in Foundation for Worldwide Health clinics (FWC). In developing poor countries, insufficient dental hygiene contributes to preventable health problems. The coffee farmers and their families needed help and Dr. Fitzpatrick, teaming with FWC, created Cura Coffee company, that sells coffee and uses funds to sustain five dental clinics in underserved communities. Cura Smiles, curasmiles.org, is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable free dental care for poor, both locally and globally. Dental students and volunteer dentists help provide the needed services. A new facility is being built in the City Heights area of San Diego and is scheduled to open in summer 2018. Find out more about how you can help and buy the coffee that supports this great humanitarian effort, visit curacoffee.com

Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick introduced us to
his humanitarian organization.

Dr. Doug Grosmark entertained us as
Kiwanian of the Day.

Long-time friends: John Crawford, Boyd Sauter,
and John Chandler.

Boyd Sauter, off on another adventure.