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Kiwanis Honors Young Heroes at Kaiser

Our club is so excited to announce a new addition to our partnership with Kaiser Permanente Hospital.  Each month, we will present a “Kiwanis Hero” plaque to a young patient in the pediatric oncology unit, and recognize the child for showing bravery and courage every day. Nurses and staff will nominate a child who they feel would most benefit from loving encouragement. Three of our club members will visit Kaiser on the first Wednesday of every month to present the award. Everyone believes that this happy event will make a big difference in the hospital experience for these special children.

Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis has partnered with Kaiser Hospital for many years, filling their toy chest with donated toys for the children who are being treated for cancer and other pediatric illnesses. We also donate books for young patients, and have supported their annual holiday party for young cancer patients. Our activities with Kaiser’s children truly embrace the Kiwanis mission of serving the children of the world.

Kiwanis member Mary Haas, Kaiser's Lisa Beltran, Kiwanis Hero project chair Alex Zubak.

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