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Club Meeting - October 19, 2017

Club Vice President John Crawford rang the bell and started this morning’s meeting at 7am. We had a large and busy group, singing, jokes, guests, student of the month award, announcements, delicious breakfast, interesting speaker. Today’s Kiwanian of the Day was Chris Holbrook, one of our newest members.  We had a great 1-1/2 hours of food, fellowship and fun.

Announcements of upcoming events this weekend included Key Leader weekend in Julian, participation in the Halloween Carnival at Marvin Elementary on Friday night, BBQ at Excelsior Academy’s Fall Festival Halloween event Saturday night. Reports were given about last week’s Key Club Regional Training Conference, Halloween candy drive for Marines at Hearst Elementary, and the interclub challenges.

Today we were pleased to honor Cody Lefler, from Patrick Henry High School, with the Joanne and James MacDonald Student of the Month Award.   Cody’s parents, brother and school vice principal enjoyed the award ceremony and breakfast with him. Cody is one of only nine students awarded the Student of the Month at Patrick Henry each year. His outstanding commitment to his studies, his kindness, friendliness, and involvement in many activities around campus, participation in tennis, soccer, football, make him a great choice for outstanding student. He  is planning a future career in criminal justice. We are honored to meet Cody and know that he has what it takes to have a very bright future.

Our Immediate Past President, Kathy Wiskur, was presented with the presidential plaque for her outstanding term as 2016-2017 president of Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis. We had a great year and thank Kathy for working with all her heart.  Kiwanis years start on October 1 and end on September 30. New officers were installed on September 23, with George Butterstein elected to serve as president for 2017-2018.

The Kiwanian of the Day, Chris Holbrook, received a round of applause as he stepped up to conduct the Happy/Sad dollar portion of the program. Joi Vogel, another new member, had the “privilege” of carrying the pot, as she collected the cash from members who were willing to share bits of information about themselves. Chris then introduced our guest speaker, Jim Floros, the president and CEO of The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. Jim is a member of the Downtown Kiwanis Club, and has worked with the San Diego Food Bank for many years.

Jim explained to us how the San Diego Food Bank works. The Food Bank receives food from a range of sources including locally-run food drives, the USDA, growers, retailers, and wholesalers. Once the food arrives at their warehouse, volunteers inspect and sort the food. Food is then categorized by food group and boxed and bagged for distribution to the community. Approximately 28,000 people volunteer at the Food Bank’s warehouse every year – saving vast labor costs. The Food Bank distributes food directly to families and individuals in need at 183 distribution sites throughout the county every month, often in parking lots. The Food Bank also provides food to 350 nonprofits that operate feeding programs. Nonprofits pick up food from the Food Bank’s warehouse and distribute the food to people in need in their areas. These nonprofits include soup kitchens, shelters, churches with feeding programs, schools, senior and disabled living facilities, and food pantries.

The Food Bank advocates and provides for families and children who are “food insecure,” homeless, working poor, even some active duty military. To learn more about this vital community service, contact  SanDiegoFoodBank.org.

Cody Lefler (holding certificate) is honored as
Patrick Henry Student of the Month

John Crawford presents Kathy Wiskur
her president's plaque

James A. Floros, President and CEO
San Diego Food Bank

Kiwanian of the Day Chris Holbrook,
Speaker Jim Floros,
Vice president John  Crawford