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November 16, 2017 -- The Tools of the Trade

  Today’s meeting was both informative and fun!  Guests today included three of our SDSU Circle K members – Hershey Guzman, G-Bus Aguilar, and Jack Miao – along with Amy Blume, beloved wife of our most outwardly fun-loving member, Gary Blume!

  We also had a chance to meet Maya Joy Klareich, our Student of the Month Award recipient for November.  Maya, a senior at Patrick Henry High School, was accompanied by her parents, Beth and Ross, Vice Principal Jennifer Pacofsky, and Dr. Doug Grosmark, who presented the prestigious award.  Maya is involved in Patrick Henry’s ASB (Associated Student Body) as their Commissioner of Community Service, and also with Link Crew, an organization which helps new students feel welcome and comfortable on campus at Henry.  Vice Principal Pacofsky said Maya “does anything asked of her with grace,” and described her as “sincere, trustworthy, and well-liked.”  While Maya has not yet selected a college for her continuing education, she knows that she enjoys studying history.  We congratulate Maya on her award and we believe she will make some history of her own someday!

  After Dan Yelvington gave us an update on this week’s Kiwanis Foundation meeting, new member Marianne Lindsay was able to name ten members of our club, getting her one step closer to earning her permanent Kiwanis name badge.  Each of our new members must complete three tasks to earn his or her name badge – that’s two down and one to go, Marianne!

  We also heard a very funny story from Gary Blume, who was a biology teacher at Clairemont High School before turning to real estate.  Gary recalled a time when he left an open jar of jelly on a counter at school specifically for the purpose of attracting ants!  He then moved the jelly jar repeatedly to engineer a complex trail of marching ants.  By the time Gary’s students returned to school after a long break, Gary had added miniature street signs, directional markers, and infrastructure (tunnels and bridges!) for the ants to faithfully follow.  Because of the ant-sized signage reading “Free Food,” some of Gary’s students were absolutely convinced that he had somehow taught the insects to read!  We thank Gary for doing his part to promote insect literacy!

  Kiwanian of the Day Tony Haas collected Happy Dollars and challenged us with some Thanksgiving trivia.  John Chandler put in a happy dollar to thank John Peterson, who has “termed out” after eight years of serving on the board at New Entra Casa, an inner-city women’s shelter.  

  Finally, our guest speakers today were two of our own members – Kathy Butterstein and Mary Haas, both of whom work diligently on maintaining our club website.  Many of our club members had not yet realized what a great resource our website can be, as it is consistently updated with the latest information on club projects, fundraisers, social events, meetings, members, newsletters, and more.  We are thankful to have such a dynamic duo of tech-savvy ladies, both so dedicated to keeping our website up to date and our members well-informed!


This month's winner of the Jim & Joanne MacDonald Student of the Month Award is Maya Joy Klareich, one of Patrick Henry High School's most active student leaders in the Class of 2018!

Where would we be without Mary and Tony Haas (left), along with Kathy Butterstein (right)?  Mary and Kathy do a lot of work "behind the scenes" to make sure our club's website stays up-to-date.