Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


March 8th, 2018

With many of our members out of town on vacation, it was up to Immediate Past President Kathy Wiskur to run our meeting today – and she did a fine job!  We also had a substitute songleader for the day, as Joi Vogel guided us through some old favorites.  It’s good to know that we have dedicated members who are ready to step up and fill in whenever there’s a need.

Our guests today from the SDSU Circle K club were Circle K President Hershey Guzman, Griffin Gilmore, and Inji Hankala.  Hershey has just a few weeks left in her term as President, and will be graduating on May 11th.  Her dedication to Circle K over the past few years is admirable, and we thank her for her service.  We would love to see her as a member of Kiwanis herself someday!  The SDSU Circle K club will be hosting their traditional spaghetti dinner for Kiwanis members on Saturday, March 17th, at the home of Circle K club advisor Kathy Wiskur.

Today was a joyful occasion, as we inducted our newest Kiwanis member, Anny Tritchler.  Anny is a motivated business owner who lives in the College Area and keeps her workplace in Grantville -- making her an ideal candidate for membership in our club!  Membership Chair John Crawford presented Anny with a membership certificate, while Jim Akin (another Grantville business owner!) officially sponsored Anny into our club, with her supportive husband Will standing by.  Welcome to G.A.G. Kiwanis, Anny!

Next, it was Jim's turn to act as our Kiwanian of the Day.  We all sing "Happy Birthday" to him, as he just celebrated turning 70 this week.  To commemorate the occasion, Jim asked us trivia questions about the '70s.... everything from "All in the Family" to "The Battle of the Sexes!"  For some of our audience, the 1970's seem like just yesterday, while for others it might as well be ancient history!

Our guest speaker today was Mike Hagen, Director Emeritus of Garden Street Academy, an independently operated K-12 school in Santa Barbara, California.  GSA's innovative approach to education is based on social-emotional learning.  By focusing on more than just textbook facts and figures, students are encouraged to develop their emotions and behaviors in a positive and responsible manner.  The school emphasizes the way in which students behave toward one another to foster a culture of cooperation and high self-esteem.  While it might be natural for students to disagree or even antagonize one another, "we try to get in front of the conflict," says Hagen.  Instead of focusing on differences, social-emotional learning teaches students to work effectively toward solutions and embrace their common goals.  This unique approach to education (from kindergarten to high school graduation) has earned praise and accolades for the students and staff at GSA.  We applaud the positive message that they provide for their students.

It's always a pleasure to welcome a new member to our Kiwanis family!  From left to right: John Crawford (Membership Chair), Jim Akin (Sponsor), new member Anny Lin Tritchler, and Anny's husband Will.

Mike Hagen, Founding Director of Garden Street Academy, brings an innovative and positive social approach to education.