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Club Meeting - January 18, 2018

This morning we were happy to award not one, but two Patrick Henry High School students with our Jim and Joanne McDonald Student of the Month Award. They are Roy William Kuraoka and Malcolm Keir Wilson. They were accompanied by their family members and Vice-Principal Bill Miller. Mr. Miller told us that Roy and Malcolm are both outstanding academically and play a major role in the PHHS theater department. These two students are responsible for insuring that the new Patrick Henry Arts, Music and Entertainment Center (PHAME) runs smoothly. They are in charge of all the audio/video systems and give countless hours ensuring every music, dance  and theater production is successful. Mr. Miller described both of these students as “selfless", saying “they are always helping others, in addition to having great grades and being great students.” Both boys thanked their parents, the administration and their teachers for the encouragement and support they have received.  Doug Grosmark presented each student with a framed certificate along with a gift card for Hooleys Irish Pub. Doug said he would not be surprised if some day Malcolm and Roy will be receiving many more prestigious awards like Emmys, Tonys or Grammys!

Plans are underway for a service project at New Entra Casa, a haven that supports women who are striving to build a new life after running afoul of the law. We will be painting rooms in their new building, a much-needed new facility! John Crawford announced that Ryan Lieng, a Key Club member of PHHS has just been elected Key Club Lieutenant Governor of  Division 21! This is a big honor for Ryan, PHHS and our sponsoring Kiwanis Club!

Our Kiwanian of the Week was Kathy Butterstein. She gave us a brief rundown of her early years growing up and attending school in rural upstate New York. She was a high school biology teacher for 33 years. She and her husband spent a sabbatical year in San Diego working at the San Diego Zoo. It was during that adventure they decided to retire in San Diego. When they bought a Christmas tree from our lot 10 years ago, they were invited to join us for a breakfast meeting and they have been with us ever since!

Our Kiwanian of the Day was Dan Yelvington. He collected Happy/Sad Dollars and they quizzed us on some funny, trick questions. He then had the pleasure of introducing our guest speaker, Stephen Hinkle. Stephen has a Master’s degree in Special Education and Computer Science from the Universities of Arizona and San Diego. Stephen is an individual with autism.  When he was very young, his mother was told that she should institutionalize him. She did not.  Stephen then grew up in the special education system, noting what worked and did not work throughout his journey. He calls this “The Hidden Curriculum.”  Stephen shared with us all the difficulties he had to overcome as he navigated the world he often did not understand. He provided insight into how best to meet the needs of children and students in academic and social settings. Stephen has been featured in many interviews, articles, and at conferences in many states. He provides much-needed support to parents, disability organization members and school administrators. Stephen is a national speaker and an advocate for all individuals with disabilities. His presentation was both educational and inspiring!
Congrats to SOMs Roy (cent.l.) & Malcolm (cent. r.)                      Kathy Butterstein gives a brief bio.

          Dan Yelvington (r.) with Stephen Hinkle                           Stephen is a very inspirational speaker!