Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


Meeting Highlights - April 26, 2018

This morning we welcomed our Division Lieutenant Governor, Doug Beckham, and Lieutenant Governor-Elect,  Al Demoran. Doug brought us up to date on upcoming Kiwanis social and community service events. Also joining us were five members of the Pacific Beach Kiwanis Club. Pacific Beach Kiwanis has been a landmark organization and part of Pacific Beach history. Its members are community residents, business owners and local educators. Founded in 1948, it is only one of two active service clubs in Pacific Beach. We were so glad they could join us for a delicious breakfast and a fun and informational meeting!

Our Kiwanian of the Day was Alex Zubak. Everyone was thrilled to have Alex back with us since his duties as a new dad have made it difficult to attend our early meetings. He asked us some thoughtful questions where we were challenged to choose between two scenarios and explain our decision. For example, Would you rather an oversized head or oversized feet? Would you rather be John Lennon or Paul McCarthy?  The replies were interesting and sometimes the justifications were surprising and/or funny!

Our guest speaker was Corey Husted. Corey is a Loan Officer who specializes in Reverse Mortgages. The reverse mortgage or home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) is a government sponsored program designed to allow you access to a portion of the equity in your home to supplement your income. It is an alternative to refinancing or opening a home equity line of credit to access the value of equity in your home. However, unlike a conventional mortgage loan or home equity line of credit, the reverse mortgage does not require a monthly payment. The loan does not need to be repaid until the borrower(s) have permanently vacated the home or fail to meet the mortgage obligations. Corey was quick to point out that he is not a lawyer and told us that since every client’s situation is different, it is important for folks to receive legal and financial counseling to determine if this is the best path forward for them. Corey is able to provide guidance for folks interested in supplementing their income and can explain the requirements along with the pros and cons of the reverse mortgage program. We had lots of questions for Corey and he did a great job helping us understand the basics of this financial option.

                                       Pacific Beach Kiwanians added to the fun of our weekly meeting!

                                          Alex Zubak (l.) and Corey Husted gave us much to think about!