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Lewis Middle School Fun Run

On Friday, March 24, about 260 Lewis Middle School students participated in a fundraiser sponsored by the school and coordinated by a professional organization that conducts Fun Runs all over the region. The students solicited sponsors who agreed to pay a flat rate or a dollar per lap. The run itself takes place for 30 minutes and the students' number of laps are tracked on a device that attaches to their wrists and on each lap the tracker records the lap.  After the run, the kids participated in numerous air inflated jumping rides, tug-o-war (the girls beat the guys TWICE) and hula hoop contests. Many students were rewarded with some great prizes!

Our Kiwanis team, consisting of Dan Yelvington (organizer), John Peterson, Mary Markson, John Chandler and Mary Haas, were on hand to help cheer on the athletes.  We also provided water to the participants, handing out  316 bottles of water which we served as they crossed the finish line.  Served is a stretch.....all 316 bottles were gone in six minutes! This was a day when we certainly lived up to our Kiwanis motto: "Serving the Children of the World!" This truly was a FUN experience for all involved!                                 


             Thirsty athletes crossing the finish line!             Dan Yelvington (l.), Mary Markson & John Peterson to the rescue!