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February 15th, 2018

At our meeting today, we were happy to see SDSU Circle K’ers Griffin Gilmore and Lexy Strom; Lexy was visiting our club for the first time.  With husband George visiting family in Colorado, it was up to our President-Elect, Kathy Butterstein, to preside over our club meeting for the first time.  She did a fine job!

We were given updates on several important and fun projects in the weeks ahead, including Opening Day for Allied Gardens Little League and a BBQ lunch event at Dailard Elementary School.  We will be happy to provide food and support at both of these great events. 

Our sponsored student organizations are just as busy as we are, if not more so!  Kathy Wiskur, the K-Kids Club advisor at Marvin Elementary School, reported that the K-Kids will be raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through their annual “Pennies for Pasta” fundraiser.  Meanwhile, the Builders Club at Lewis Middle School was finalizing their plans to feed the homeless on the streets of Downtown San Diego.

We then heard from John Crawford, our Member of the Week, who got his start in our student youth groups as well.  Beginning with the Builders Club in 1991, John spent eleven years as a student volunteer before graduating from SDSU… and then joined our club immediately after college!  John literally grew up with Kiwanis, met his wife through Kiwanis, and can’t imagine life without Kiwanis!

After Byron Newman gave us a pretty funny joke about two camels at the San Diego Zoo, Kathy Wiskur took to the podium as our Kiwanian of the Day.  She collected Happy Dollars, then reminded us that the day after Valentine’s Day is also known as “Singles Awareness Day,” and told us that fifteen percent of American women have sent flowers to themselves!  She also mentioned that the Italian city of Verona receives 1,000 letters each Valentine’s Day addressed to Shakespeare’s Juliet... but almost none are addressed to Romeo!

Our guest speakers today were Cindy Lang and Becky Bradley representing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  You may remember their celebrity spokesperson, Mary Tyler Moore, who served for decades as the face of the organization.  Today, JDRF continues to raise money for the purpose of treating, curing, and preventing Type 1 Diabetes.  More than 1.25 Americans have Type 1 Diabetes, an increase of 21 percent since 2001.  Founded in 1970, JDRF aims to “Turn Type One into Type None,” by funding diabetes research in 21 different nations of the world.

Since 1998, JDRF has raised and contributed over $2.5 BILLION for diabetes research, and their efforts are paying off.  Modern treatment methods are more effective, more manageable, and less invasive now than ever before.  It is hoped that Beta cell research will someday replace daily insulin injections for millions of diabetics.

Locally, JDRF supports research at the Salk Institute, the La Jolla Institute, Scripps National Institute, and UCSD.  Many of us have firsthand experience with diabetes, or have seen friends and family struggle with the condition.  We applaud JDRF for their continuing effort to make diabetes less challenging for all.

"The Other Kathy," Kathy Wiskur, served as our Kiwanian of the Day while Kathy Butterstein presided over the meeting.  At right are JDRF guest speakers Cindy Lang and Becky Bradley.

President-Elect Kathy Butterstein gave the podium a test drive!  She is slated to take over as Club President in October 2018.

John Crawford spent eleven years in Kiwanis sponsored youth programs before becoming a Kiwanis member himself in 2002.  He keeps hoping another young volunteer will come along and break his record!