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April 6th - Reduce Stress to Reach Success!

We welcomed several guests today, including Pam Chandler, beloved wife of our club Treasurer, John, plus four of our SDSU Circle K members.  Imani Baldi, Victor Campos, Griffin Gilmore, and Hershey Guzman are four dedicated volunteers on campus at SDSU!

Today’s meeting was also very focused on Hearst Elementary School, in the neighboring community of Del Cerro.  Our Kiwanis club has partnered with Hearst for more than twenty years, and so we are always happy to help whenever we can.  Several G.A.G. Kiwanis members (and SDSU Circle K, too) have volunteered to help with a barbecue lunch today at Hearst, and we also look forward to the annual Overnight Campout at the school on May 12-13.  This event is always fun for kids, parents, and of course, volunteers!

Of course, today we honored our Hearst Elementary School Student of the Month for April, 5th grader Scott Pham.  Scott joined us for breakfast today, along with his mother, Natalie, teacher Karen Jackson, and Principal Jamie Jorgensen.  Principal Jorgensen recalled that Scott “has stood out since kindergarten,” as a result of his academic talent and his habit of being kind to others.  Scott isn’t sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but at least he has plenty of time to think about it!  For his efforts, longtime Kiwanian Dr. Doug Grosmark presented Scott with a gift certificate to Hooley’s Public House in Grossmont Center (La Mesa).  Scott can take his whole family out to dinner!

Our Kiwanian of the Day, Phil Bennett, entertained us with some century-old statistics about life in the year 1916!  Back then, the average American life expectancy was only 47 years, and only six percent of Americans managed to finish high school!  The average salary was only 45 cents per hour, but everything else was cheaper, too.  A pound of sugar only cost four cents!  Most American women would wash their hair only once per month – using a mixture of borax and egg yolks when they did!  Thank goodness we’re now living in the era of modern shampoo.

Finally, our guest speaker was Dr. Cindi Britton, a certified life coach who spent 18 years as a high school principal in El Cajon.  Today, Dr. Britton focuses her time and energy on children with ADHD, and on helping women reduce their daily stress.  Dr. Britton gave us some good advice, such as setting realistic goals for the short term to help encourage us on those long-term goals.  The satisfaction of accomplishing something every day, she said, will make us grateful for life’s little victories.  She also recommended meditation and social interaction as stress relief techniques.  For more information on stress reduction, visit Dr. Britton online at www.coachbrittonadhd.com.

Dr. Cindi Britton and Phil Bennett teamed up to host a fun meeting!

Hearst Elementary 5th Grader Scott Pham is honored as Student of the Month.