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Club Meeting - April 13, 2017

We had a full house this morning as we welcomed 4 members of our SDSU Circle K Club and folks from Lewis Middle School. Brian Callahan, the Lewis principal introduced us to 6th grader Azariyah Ruiz, 7th grader Efrain Barros and 8th grader Jessica Bartolome and their families. These students are this month’s winners of the Good Citizenship Award. Mr. Callahan explained that these three students exemplified the three objectives of Lewis: To work hard, To be nice and To be safe. To honor their academic achievements, and commitment to their school community, Doug Grosmark presented each student a framed award and a gift certificate to Hooley's Irish Pub. We hope these three fine students are proud of their accomplishments and continue to aim high!

We have a busy month ahead as we plan for several community service projects, a photo shoot and a fund raiser in conjunction with our SLP Circle K students. Our Kiwanian of the Day was Ross Mallette. He collected Happy/Sad Dollars as a way to fill our administration coffers and keep up on significant events in our members’ lives. We were glad to hear that one member’s nephew who was involved in a terrible car accident is improving and will soon be able to once again walk! Another member proudly announced that his son has just received the International Wedding Photo Journalist Association’s Photographer of the Year Award! We are lucky to be able to share life’s ups and downs with each other, and appreciate the support we can always count on from our colleagues.

We were all happy to welcome today’s speaker and long-time friend, Superior Court Judge Carolyn Caietti. Appointed in 2006 to the San Diego Superior Court, Judge Caietti now serves as the presiding judge of the Juvenile Court. Judge Caietti introduced us to her colleague, Chief Probation Officer Adolfo Gonzales. Chief Gonzales has spent a distinguished 38-year career in San Diego Law Enforcement and now leads the Probation Department. Judge Caietti and Chief Gonzales strive to provide offenders with positive alternatives to crime. They are implementing innovative programs to give their clients the confidence, skills and desire to succeed in life. Their clients are encouraged to pursue college and vocational studies to turn their lives around. As a result of their efforts and the departments they run, tens of thousands of our young citizens now live a law-abiding life. 

Judge Caietti and Chief Gonzales came to thank us for our past support of the Passport to Life career exposition which will be held again this August 11 at City College.  Passport to Life is a career and education expo for youth who are on probation, and is sponsored by the juvenile court system and numerous public and private organizations. The event grew from the belief that all youth, including adjudicated youth with probation histories, have the ability to succeed if they have the right training, support, and opportunities. The goal of the event is to improve their chances to succeed in life by promoting education, training, and career exploration. We provide lunch for the 800 participants. Our Kiwanis Club is proud to support this very worthwhile event and we thanked Judge Caietti and Chief Gonzales for their tireless efforts to give our young citizens every opportunity to meet with success, a win-win situation for us all!

Doug Grosmark (l.) and Principal Brian Callahan (r.) with our Lewis Students of the Month and their families!

    KOD Ross Mallette, Judge Caietti and Chief Gonzales presided over a productive and interesting meeting!