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May 18th -- Seventh graders take charge!

We never know what to expect when it’s time for the annual Builders Club Takeover!  Ten seventh-graders (and one 6th grader) from nearby Lewis Middle School took charge of today’s Kiwanis meeting, and it was an entertaining morning for everyone involved!  Also joining us today were Jacinda Dietz, Builders Club advisor at Lewis Middle School, and four of our SDSU Circle K members.

With Builders Club President Samantha Gantney at the podium, things got off to a good start.  Gary Blume thanked many of our members (plus Samantha!) for their help at the Hearst Elementary School Overnight Campout, while also inviting us to help us host the Division Council Meeting this month at Rady Children’s Hospital.  We were also introduced to Tyra Roberts, our Student of the Month award winner from Patrick Henry High School.  Tyra was there with her aunt, Linda Covington, and PHHS Vice Principal Bill Miller.

Most of our Student of the Month award winners are seniors, so Tyra is unique in the sense that she is only a junior.  She is involved in numerous clubs and organizations on campus, including Link Crew, Peer Mediation, cheer, and library tutoring.  (She is also a past PHHS Key Club member!)  Vice Principal Miller described Tyra as having “an astonishingly strong and sincere desire to build her community.”  Tyra recently helped coordinate the Special Olympics meet held at Patrick Henry, and she is known for having a very optimistic outlook.  Tyra, and her aunt Linda, both attended today’s meeting with a heavy heart, as a close relative of theirs had just passed away that very morning – but all of us in attendance knew that Tyra’s entire family can look at her and be proud.  We congratulate the entire Roberts family, while wishing them well in their time of loss.

Following the Builders Club version of our Joke of the Week, and a few songs out of our songbook, we all enjoyed breakfast and a video of the Builders Club’s homeless feeding project last January.  Brodie Martin and Alissa Robles served as our Builders Clubbers of the Day, asking some very eclectic riddles and trivia questions.  They asked us about everything from “The Simpsons” to Metallica.  Needless to say, we didn’t do so well!

Later, we got to hear from each of our Builders Club students as they shared facts and interesting tidbits about themselves.  One thing that really stood out was the ambition of some of these students!  When asked about their career aspirations, some of the replies included a makeup artist, a software developer, a neurosurgeon, an astronomer, a Disney “imagineer,” and the CEO of a roller coaster company!  We also learned that one of our Builders was born in London, and another was born in Germany.  One of them is in an all-girl rock band, and another, Evan Castillo, plays four different musical instruments.  He even demonstrated his talents for us with his clarinet!

We all thanked our Builders Club members, and President Samantha, who started her Kiwanis Family service with the K-Kids Club at Hearst Elementary School.  Before she left, she thanked our own Dr. Doug Grosmark for inspiring her to get involved with charitable work.  Let’s all hope that her spirit of giving will stay with her for many years to come!

(Left to right) PHHS Vice Principal Bill Miller, Linda Covington, PHHS Student of the Month Tyra Roberts, and Dr. Doug Grosmark during the school year's final Student of the Month award presentation.


Lewis Middle School Builders Club was represented by (left to right) Annie Bui, Karmen Lee, Christopher Trapp, Brodie Martin, Erin Maxwell, Club President Samantha Gantney, Sophia Ramirez, Vice President Marina d'Auria, Alain Zhang, President-Elect Alissa Robles, Faculty Advisor Jacinda Dietz, and Evan Castillo.