Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


August 24th, 2017

It’s the last week of summer before school starts again, so as a result, we had several students visiting to say hello, and goodbye!  SDSU Circle K members Hershey Guzman, Jesus “G-Bus” Aguilar, and Jack Miao dropped in before they have to report to campus for the fall semester.  We also welcomed Kathy Ha, a recent graduate of Patrick Henry High School.  Kathy came back for one last Kiwanis meeting before she begins her college career at CSU San Marcos. Finally, three of our current Key Club members – Bill Huynh, Brandon Huynh, and Hafsah Alzamari, showed up for our meeting and brought along a pan of homemade sugar cookies, decorated with Key Club and Kiwanis logos!  Those cookies were a great way to chase our delicious breakfasts!

Joi Vogel and her service dog, Braun, were back for a return visit.  Joi has turned in a membership application and we hope to officially bring her into our club soon!  Dan Yelvington announced that our G.A.G. Kiwanis Foundation recently held a meeting to elect its next officers.  Kevin Tostado has agreed to serve as Chair, with Mary Markson as Vice Chair.  Our Foundation helps fund some of our most important community service efforts, so we appreciate our volunteers.

Club President Kathy Wiskur invited us to participate in the Lewis Middle School Back-to-School BBQ coming up on Friday, September 8th.  She appealed to those members of our club who don't always show up for these important service events.  "Be sure to volunteer, and give the rest of us a break," she said.  Service projects are best when everyone participates!

John Peterson received an unusual gift all the way from Texas!  Bob Frankhouser, a member of our club for 55 years, in now living on a ranch near San Antonio, and although he moved a year ago, he is still unpacking some of his belongings.  One of Bob’s findings, packed away in a box, was an original “Grantville” welcome sign from the early 1960’s!  Bob sent it to John Pete, who would appreciate having it…. But now we are left wondering just how and where Bobby acquired it in the first place!!  Hmmmm.....

Our Kiwanian of the Day was the esteemed Phil Bennett, a longtime Kiwanian who subjected us to some of the most agonizing puns we’ve heard in a while.  All in good fun, of course!  Phil informed us that a soldier who is assaulted with pepper spray and mustard gas becomes a “seasoned veteran!”  We also heard from Gary Blume, whose daughter, Molly, will be spending this semester studying in Belgium!  This sounds like the adventure of a lifetime, and we wish Molly safe travels overseas.

Our guest speaker today, Bob Duffield, represents the Hemlock Society, a local organization dedicated to dignified end-of-life discussions.  Formed in 1985, the Hemlock Society spends most of its time educating the public and lobbying legislators for more progressive and compassionate solutions for those suffering from terminal conditions.  While not a pleasant topic, most of us agree that a relatively painless death is a better option than a long, drawn-out period of suffering and a greatly reduced quality of life.  Eight states currently have “End of Life” laws in place.

Bob presented his facts and opinions in a professional manner, stating that euthanasia for animals is often more humane than what is currently available for human beings!  He told us about the process of ending a human life, which requires the consent of multiple doctors and specific instructions for medical providers.  While he understands that this is a sensitive topic, with opposition from some, “in our opinion, current law doesn’t go far enough.”  Let’s hope none of us have to face such critically important decisions!

Kiwanian of the Day Phil Bennett made us laugh, and groan, with his pun-ishing puns, then guest speaker Bob Duffield made us think about some important issues that we hope never to confront in our own lives. 

Hafsah, Bill, and Brandon came bearing cookies on behalf of the PHHS Key Club!  What a delicious way to end summer vacation!