Trivia π Night A Huge Success!

Successful Celebration: Trivia Pi (π)  Night! To commemorate π Day (3.14), we organized a lively Trivia Contest open to the public. Generous contributions from local businesses ensured a plethora of prizes and delicious refreshments. The event was further energized by the participation of Lewis Middle School Builders Club members, whose infectious enthusiasm heightened the atmosphere of enjoyment. John Crawford curated engaging questions spanning Science, Pop Culture, Geography, Sports, and History, delighting participants. While some basked in self-congratulation and praised their teammates for high scores, others acknowledged that they might not advance to the final round. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, attendees savored slices of pizza π and indulged in delectable lemon meringue π, making the evening truly memorable.

We are so grateful for the community support that made this event possible!

It was a fun evening with great prizes!



Builders Club Member, Violet, and her colleagues livened up the event!

Our judges did a great job!

Happy winners...the Trivia Kings!

A special thanks to John Crawford who made this fun event a huge success!