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Club Meeting - November 30, 2017

This morning we had to struggle along without our song master, Gary Blume, and although we started out a little shaky, we rallied for Your a Grand Old Flag! We finalized plans for the Kaiser Pediatric Oncology Dept.Christmas Party this Saturday. In addition to purchasing many of the toys that Santa will hand out, some of us will be there to help set up and serve during the festivities. It is always heart warming to see the former patients and their siblings celebrate not only the holidays, but a new lease on life as well!

We received a nice thank you note from the Mission Trails Regional Park for the help our club members and SDSU Circle K students who volunteered to help clean up a section of the park. New members Gay and Chris Holbrook fulfilled one of their membership requirements by naming ten members and their professions, bringing them one step closer to full membership. We are grateful to have them join our organization and our community is thrilled they are the new owners/ managers of our Grocery Outlet on Waring Road! 

President George Butterstein presented our Immediate Past President Kathy Wiskur with a Presidential Zeller Award to thank her for helping make his transition run smoothly. This award was presented to signify a donation made in Kathy’s name to the Kiwanis International Eliminate Project. The goal of this five-year campaign is to team with UNICEF to immunize  women around the world against tetanus. This will protect them and their future babies from this dreadful disease. So far 35 countries have successfully eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, but there is still a lot of work to do! We will continue to solicit donations for the next two years.

Jack Scott was our Member of the Week. He gave us an interesting look into his life. It is obvious that he is indeed a real-life Jack of all Trades! He has worked for Convair doing quality control for missile systems, done electrical contracting and  owned and managed liquor stores. However, the two jobs Jack received the most satisfaction was his ten years in the Navy and now his 100+ hours a month he currently spends as a docent on the USS Midway. During the WW II, Jack participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. He was onboard a ship off the coast providing guidance and support to the troops. We are proud to have Jack as a club member and friend!

Our Kiwanian of the Day was Alan Young. He solicited Happy/Sad Dollars which gives us all a chance to share note-worthy events in our lives. He also quizzed us on some of the history of San Diego. It was evident the middle school students probably could do better answering these questions than we!

Our invited speaker was Teresa Stivers, Chief Executive Officer of Walden Family Services, a foster care and adoption agency. Their goal is to ensure every child has a loving family and the ability to realize their greatest potential toward becoming a self-sufficient and productive member of their community. In addition to finding safe and loving homes for children, many of whom have special needs, they also offer prevention services to help parents successfully care for their children and reunification services to reunite families that have been fractured. They also offer hospice services for terminally ill children so they will be surrounded by love and support on their final journey. We applaud Teresa and her organization for all they do to provide for the often forgotten or neglected children of San Diego.

   Chris Holbrook names names as wife Gay looks on!                              Jack Scott shares his life stories!

Kathy Wiskur receives a Presidential Award from George          KOD Alan Young with special guest 
Teresa Stivers