Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


Club Meeting – September 7, 2017

Club President Kathy Wiskur brought the meeting to order and welcomed us, with an assist from our Kiwanian-of-the-Day, Alex Zubak. Guests today included Hershey, Hever and Jack from SDSU Circle K, and Joi Vogel with her service dog, Braun. Gary Blume led us in a couple of good old songs, and Byron Newman tickled our funny bone this morning with a very good joke.

While we enjoyed our delicious Brother’s breakfasts, Kathy made announcements.  The upcoming back-to-school barbeque at Lewis Middle School will be held tomorrow, September 8. We are expecting to cook and serve around 400 hamburger/hot dogs for students and parents and will need the help of many of our club members and student club volunteers. Set-up time will be 3:30 and cooking and serving will take place from 5 to 7pm.

We will be displaying American flags on Waring Road on Monday, September 11, in honor of Patriots Day. Next Friday, September 15, we will be helping the back-to-school BBQ at Benchley-Weinberger Elementary, and again, many hands will be needed to make this event a success.

The club’s largest social event of the year is coming soon. The installation of 2017-2018 club President George Butterstein, and the new club officers, will take place on Saturday, September 23 at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. We will celebrate and thank the administration of President Kathy Wiskur, and 2016-2017 officers. You will need to get there by 5:30 p.m. for socializing and fun, then the program begins at 6:00. At just $25 per person, it’s a good deal for a night of inspiration and fellowship. RSVP to Mickey Zeichick by September 20th.

Today’s Kiwanian-of-the-Day was last year’s club president, Alex Zubak. Everyone knows that Alex and his wife, Julie, are awaiting a very important date – to become first-time parents. Alex prepared a fun little game of guessing other important dates in history, and raised some extra cash for our administrative fund.

We thank Lori Holt Pfeiler for coming to speak to us today about San Diego Habitat for Humanity (SDHFH). Lori previously served the community as mayor of Escondido for three terms, and as a city council member for 18 years. During that time, Lori learned a lot about housing in the communities, and the great need for affordable homes for struggling families. She now serves as President/CEO of SDHFH, the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, serving in the County of San Diego. SDHFH is an  autonomous, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is governed locally, raises funds locally, and builds locally.

San Diego Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with qualified limited-income families to strengthen communities and transform lives, one house at a time. SDHFH builds modest new houses, rehabilitates existing homes, and makes affordable home ownership a reality for people in need in San Diego County.  Home-buyer families are required to partner with Habitat to work on the home and must contribute self-help labor, referred to as “sweat equity.”  Community volunteer labor, along with donations of money, land, and materials, make possible the work they do. SDHFH operates a discount store called ReStore (open to the public), which sells recycled home improvement materials and furnishings, giving the organization a needed source of income for their expanding humanitarian needs. Learn more about San Diego Habitat for Humanity on their website, sandiegohabitat.org.

Lori Holt Pfeiler, President/CEO of San Diego Habitat for Humanity
with Kiwanian-of-the-Day Alex Zubak.

Gary Blume knows how to
balance service and fun!