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Club Meeting - September 28, 2017

Today was a bitter-sweet moment for our president, Kathy Wiskur, as she ends her year as our leader. Next week, our new president, George Butterstein, will wield the gavel as he begins his 2017-2018 tenure. Kathy recapped the highlights of our Installation Banquet last weekend and we once again cheered for those of us honored with special awards, including John Crawford who won the prestigious John Peterson Kiwanian of the Year Award. As we all applauded John C. for this well-deserved honor, John Peterson quipped that he was proud to have this prize named after him and was glad it was not the John Peterson Memorial Award! We all agreed as we had a good laugh!

Kathy also honored SDSU Circle K president Hershey Guzman with the Youth Leader Award, presented to a student who has bridged the gap between elementary, middle, high school and college Student Leadership Programs and our organization. Hershey made it a point during her tenure to visit each club and plan joint activities that will foster strong bonds of friendship and mentorship among all the members of our Kiwanis family. She brought us all closer together in fellowship and leadership. The five other members of Circle K joining us this morning all agreed that Hershey is most deserving of this honor.

A special guest this morning was Louise Young, sister of member Alan Young. Louise is visiting from Australia and is glad to spend time with her family here in California. Louise told us that she has a special place in her heart for Kiwanis. She was able to attend college thanks to a Kiwanis scholarship. The money she received for tuition, books and other expenses enabled her to get her undergraduate degree. From there she went on to receive a Masters and Doctorate degree and now teaches at the college level. She is a shining example of how Kiwanis lives up to our motto: "Serving the children of the world, one child at a time."

Our Kiwanian of the Day was Dan Yelvington. Dan solicited Happy/Sad Dollars which were collected by one of our new members, Chris Holbrook. One very happy event this week was the birth of Alex and Julie Zubak’s baby girl, Mila Jean. We are sure she has already stolen Alex and Julie’s hearts, and we look forward to meeting her!

Dan quizzed us on the history of Kiwanis and some statistics that surprised us and also made us proud to be a part of this fine organization. Some of us actually knew that Kiwanis International was founded in 1915 by a group of businessmen in Detroit, Michigan. The organization was originally called the Supreme Lodge Benevolent Order of Brothers, but changed its name to Kiwanis a year later. It was interesting to learn that women were first welcomed in 1987 and currently make up 26% of membership. What really astounded us was the fact that world-wide, members of our organization contribute18 million service hours per year!  

Our speaker was Eric Golub. He is on a nationwide book and speaking tour that has taken him to all 50 states. His newest books are Ideological Lunacy and Jewish Lunacy. He bills himself as the "preeminent Republican Jewish speaker, author, columnist and comedian in the country." This morning his fast paced overview of controversial subjects including race, immigration, politics and religion elicited many laughs without resorting to polarizing rhetoric. We were amazed and pleased at how Eric can take subjects such as these and present them in a funny, non-threatening way that allowed us all to enjoy his presentation.

              Kathy Wiskur (r.) congratulates Hershey!                      John Peterson (l.) congratulates KOY John Crawford.

                    KOD Dan Yelvington (l.)  & Eric Golub                                   Chris Holbrook, our $$$ collector!

                                        Alan Young's sister Louise came all the way from Australia to join us!