Every Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., Brothers Family Restaurant


Club Meeting - January 25, 2018

It was a fun and energetic time this morning as we gathered for our breakfast meeting at Brothers Family Restaurant. Former member Taylor McDonald joined us and gave us an update on his life. He and his wife are directing a lot of their energy into growing their one-year-old business Quantum Microgreens. Their goal  is to provide fresh greens, harvested regularly, to local chefs and folks who enjoy using the very best ingredients. Taylor notes that their microgreens might be tiny, but they pack a flavorful punch and are very nutritional. He is currently working on kits that will allow customers to grow their own greens at home! 

Kathy Wiskur’s long-time friend Elaine Bailey paid us a visit as did Griffen Gilmore, a member of SDSU’s Circle K Club. Griffen invited us all to a Planetarium show tomorrow at SDSU, followed by a social at Chili’s Restaurant. We were also joined by Christy Moloney. Vice-President of the Allied Gardens Little League.  She announced that Little League Opening Day is February 24. We will be on hand to help provide lunch to the young sluggers and their families. 

Doug Grosmark announced that his K-Kids Club at Hearst Elementary School is about to begin their annual food drive for needy military families. This will be the 23rd year that students collect non-perishable food items to hep those who serve their country.  

President George Butterstein helped us plan for upcoming events, including a volunteer opportunity to help New Entra Casa paint the rooms in their new home and to support their spaghetti dinner fundraiser. He asked Val Crawford to fill us in on our newest fund raising project - facilitating the sale by the Patrick Henry High athletic department of commemorative bricks to be placed in front of the school. Each brick will cost $120 and the proceeds from each brick can be designated to go to a particular sports program. This is a great opportunity for all members of the PHHS  community, past and present, to support their school and their teams!

Our Kiwanian of the Week was Joi Vogel. Joi attended both Lewis Middle School and PHHS. She received her Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Fresno State and served eight years in the Navy Reserve as a storekeeper striker. She currently works as an emergency room nurse at Sharp Chula Vista. Her daughter was active in Girl Scouts and Rainbow, a Masonic Youth Group, and her son was active in Boy Scouts and reached Eagle Scout. Joi and her husband Paul have taken many trips which often include bicycling through exotic locals. They have taken bike excursions through  parts of the Adirondack Mountains, Washington, Idaho, Canada, Berlin, Budapest, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and even Moscow and Saint Petersburg! They have also gone on cruises to Mexico and Hawaii. They have recently welcomed their first grandchild, Brooke Annabel. Their poodle, Braun, has been trained as a therapy dog and became certified in June. Joi and Paul lead a full and exciting life and we are so glad they have both joined our Kiwanis family!

Our Kiwanian of the Day was John Chandler. He collected Happy/Sad Dollars, Fines and Finks…which generated much laughter! He also collected some “I Don’t Know Dollars” from members when he quizzed us on info from the publication Who Knew? We didn't’t know Big Ben is the name of the bell…not the London clock, that the flashing light atop the Capital Records Tower in Hollywood spells out HOLLYWOOD in Morse Code or that Barbie’s last name is Roberts! 

Our guest speaker was Carrie McClellan, Outreach Manager from ElderHelp. ElderHelp provides personalized services and information that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes. There are no set fees for their services. They ask for donations from their clients and community organizations and businesses. Their over 400 volunteers enable ElderHelp to create significant impacts in the area of community-based solutions for seniors. ElderHelp clients receive one-on-one personal visits in their homes with Care Coordinators to create a customized network of support tailored especially for them. They connect them to community resources and help them navigate health and wellness challenges that can seem overwhelming without the guidance of a trusted advocate. Seniors A Go Go is a volunteer driver program that ferries seniors to appointments, stores and social functions. HomeShare is a roommate matching service that connects individuals who want to share their homes with those looking for alternative housing options. We appreciate all Carrie and her organization do to offer solutions that educate the community, improve the overall health of seniors and create possibilities for purposeful aging.

         Carrie McClellan & John Chandler did a great job!           Joi Vogel, nurse and world traveler...often by bike!