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July 5th, 2018 -- Reflecting on Las Vegas and our Independence!

After a whirlwind of a week that included our International Convention in Las Vegas and a big Independence Day celebration at the home of John and Pam Chandler, it felt like we had to catch our breath in time for our Thursday morning meeting.  We enjoyed the company of two guests today from the Patrick Henry High School Key Club: Service Chair Johnny Luu and Historian Khang (Dylan) Diep.

John Crawford, George Butterstein, and Alan Young gave us a recap of their adventure to the Kiwanis International Convention on the Las Vegas Strip, and each of them agreed that the convention exceeded their expectations.  George mentioned that the workshops gave him a renewed sense of pride in our club, since we seem to be a “model club,” doing everything right according to the experts!  John enjoyed the chance to meet with Kiwanians from around the world, particularly those who were seeing Las Vegas for the first time!  Alan stated that although he had been to similar conventions in the past, he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of his first Kiwanis Convention.

We also had an update from Club Secretary Mickey Zeichick, who announced that we have a full slate of officers and directors willing to serve on next year’s board.  That’s always good news!  Elections will take place at our meeting on Thursday, August 2nd.

We finalized our plans to host a membership booth at the Allied Gardens First Friday concert on Friday, July 6th, since the concert presents us with a great opportunity to promote our fine club.  We are always on the lookout for new members, and the next great Kiwanis leader could be right around the corner.

John Chandler shared some fun tales from his annual Independence Day party, attended by many current and former members of our club.

Our Kiwanian of the Day, Kathy Wiskur, collected Happy Dollars from club members, who had a lot to share about their summertime plans.  We listened with amazement and a great sense of relief as President George Butterstein told us about his car accident this week!  It was a close call, especially for his wife Kathy, but thank goodness nobody was seriously injured, and the whole thing was caught on camera!  We’re glad everyone is OK.  (George is quick to point out that it was the other driver's fault!)

Kathy Wiskur then quizzed us on American history and other facts related to the 4th of July.  Most of us already knew that Benjamin Franklin wanted our national bird to be a turkey, but we were amazed to learn that Americans spend nearly $600 million each year on fireworks!  Talk about having money to burn!

Our guest speaker today, regretfully, could not join us, so we all took a deep breath and the meeting ended a few minutes early.  After so much activity lately, we could all use a little “down time!”

President George Butterstein and Immediate Past President Kathy Wiskur, our Kiwanian of the Day.

Our delegation in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 103rd Annual Kiwanis International Convention: George and Kathy Butterstein, Alan Young, and Valerie and John Crawford.

John Crawford displays the very LONG namebadge he received at the International Convention!