During this morning's assembly, we celebrated the achievements of our Students of the Month, hailing from Hearst Elementary School and Patrick Henry High School. Viannah S., accompanied by her proud family and educators including Ms. Jackson and Principal Ms. Waller, was commended for her exceptional kindness and dedication to learning. Ms. Jackson, who taught Viannah both last year and this year, praised her as one of the most compassionate students she's encountered, always ready to assist others and exhibiting remarkable academic progress. Ms. Waller echoed these sentiments, highlighting Viannah's warm welcome to Hearst when she arrived.

Representing Patrick Henry High School, Maya D. received accolades supported by her proud grandmother. Described by PHHS Vice Principal Ms. Payoffsky as a "complete rock star," Maya, a 12th grader, has assumed numerous leadership roles, including Commissioner of Link Crew, and spearheading various school events and initiatives. Her artistic prowess is evident in her contributions to the school mural and the design of the culinary food truck wrap. Doug Grosmark honored both students with certificates and gift cards from Hooleys Public House, recognizing their outstanding achievements.

Today's Kiwanian of the Day, Alan Young, shared anecdotes from his recent travels to Australia and New Zealand and then introduced our guest speaker, Larry Hamilton, a seasoned investigator with extensive experience in law enforcement and private practice. Larry delved into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), shedding light on its pervasive influence across various sectors, including customer service, finance, and cybersecurity. He elaborated on how AI enhances investigative techniques, cautioning against its potential misuse in perpetrating fraud and deception, particularly through the creation of convincing deep fakes. In a world increasingly reliant on AI, Larry emphasized the importance of discernment, reminding us that appearances can be deceiving.

Congratulations to our Students of the Month!
Larry Hamiliton captured our attention with his take on Artificial Intelligence!