Member Highlight - Gary Blume

This year has been a fun, exciting and productive time for our club thanks to the leadership of our president, Gary Blume. We sponsor and work closely with the Circle K Club of SDSU. They recently nominated Gary for the Circle K Kiwanian of the Year award. Since these dedicated and inspiring young adults attend our meetings and join us for service projects, they have come to know Gary well. Their nominating letter shines a spotlight on one of our valued members and is posted below:

San Diego State University Circle K proudly nominates Gary Blume of the Grantville-Allied Gardens (G.A.G.) Kiwanis to be awarded Kiwanian of the Year, 2012-2013.  Gary has been a part of Kiwanis since August of 1999, and now serves as the organization’s president. His dedication has already earned him the special certification as a Kwality Kiwanian, but more importantly, his great leadership and genuine amiability has formed a strong, supportive relationship with SDSU Circle K. 

G.A.G. Kiwanis congregates on Thursdays for a 7 a.m. breakfast, and Gary makes the effort to greet every Circle K’er that comes through the door. He understands that college students who wake up early to join a Kiwanis GBM deserve recognition and appreciation. Also, if Circle K wants to make an announcement, he gladly offers time for a SDSU representative to do so. He writes upcoming Circle K events on a whiteboard as well, to serve as a friendly reminder that Kiwanians are invited to participate with their college counterparts. 

At SDSU Circle K’s own meetings, Gary has consistently been present to show his support. The meetings are very late- from 7-8:30 p.m.- and Gary stays the whole time to gladly participate in ice-breakers and make announcements during Happy/Sad Dollar. Also, club meetings have a designated theme each week, and participants are placed in a raffle to win an SDSU-trademark prize. Though Kiwanians are not included to win, Gary has shown up as an American Indian during Thanksgiving week, or has dressed in full business attire for Election week. Other Kiwanians come to meetings, but Gary is the only who has participated with the weekly theme. The gesture is small, but the fact that he sets aside his pride to dress funny shows that he listens and truly cares about relating with college students. Gary’s willingness showed again when he agreed to do a G.A.G. Kiwanis Takeover at one of SDSU’s meetings. He was able to gather Kiwanians that did not normally attend Circle K meetings, and together they put on a successful takeover! Seeing him preside over the special Circle K meeting reflected the leadership he had with his own organization- one of great and enthusiastic quality. 

Gary’s welcoming personality in Kiwanis translates into his life as a true family man. He loves his family and has brought them to various Kiwanis Family events, such as SDSU Circle K’s Kiwanis Appreciation Dinner. Once again, Gary followed the 50s/60s/70s theme, and had his wife, Amy and daughter, Molly to wear costumes! He has always showed excitement for events that gather Circle K’ers and Kiwanians together, realizing that connecting people with the same altruistic mindset is what Kiwanis is all about. In fact, Gary graciously allowed Circle K’ers to trick-or-treat at his neighborhood during Halloween.  The reason being was to collect candy for another Kiwanian’s K-Kids project of giving goody bags to the U.S. Marines. Thus, letting 20 Circle K’ers stop by his “haunted pirate ship” not only offered a safe alternative for members to relive their childhood, but also provided an easy way to support a local K-Kids service project.  

The kindness from Gary’s friendship with SDSU Circle K has and always will be present. From lending surfboards and fishnets to a Hawaii-themed New Member dinner, to acknowledging Circle K’ers at Kiwanis service projects, his good heart can be felt. Gary deserves to be recognized and applauded for all his wonderful efforts towards SDSU Circle K. 


SDSU Circle K

        Chief Cook           


Chief in Charge

Chief Pirate Dad!  


        Chief Tree Guy           Gary does it all!