Member Highlight - Gene Elmore

Commander Gene Elmore served as a U.S. Navy Bomber Pilot during WWII. He flew missions in both the European and Pacific theaters.

June 6, 1944, the Normandy invasion, was the pivotal day the war turned around.  On this historic day, he flew 6 missions along the French coast, defending the Allied Troops fighting their way up the beaches.  The goal of these missions was to disrupt the Nazi counter attack on our troops struggling to come ashore.

After Normandy, Gene was stationed in the Pacific. He flew missions supporting the U.S. Marines in the invasion if Iwo Jima. Commander Elmore is very modest about his service in combat.  He says that "It was the guys on the ground that really took the hard part."

Gene left active duty after the war, but later returned to active duty as a military pilot, this time on a mission of mercy.  In 1948, Gene flew as a heavy transport pilot in the Berlin Air Lift.  Under dangerous air traffic conditions, on a grueling duty schedule, he delivered life-saving food and supplies to the starving people of West Berlin.  

Gene's Navy years were followed by a successful career as an engineer and businessman.  He is a long-term member of the Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis. We are proud to have this exceptional patriot as a member of our organization! 

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